Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

There is no death

All of Nature is Resurrection...and we are all part of Nature... so we will all be resurrected... there is no death...

from Deidre Raven.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Release your karmas

About karma it is hard to describe from soul's viewpoint by the logic and linear thinking.

Someone likes to say karma is "cause and effect".  This may be right sometimes and sometimes it may be not right.

There is no "previous lives and present life" from viewpoints of soul, but there is "previous lives and present life" from our viewpoints on the earth because we think the time is in sequence. We think the time is in sequence, so we think karma is "cause and effect".

We have missions when we come to the earth each time. The mission for why we come here is to learn the emotion and balancing.

Chinese ancient words say "the doctrine of the mean Confucian". This means everything keeps in its balancing. I-Ching also emphasizes the balancing of Yin and Yang.

Each important event in our life is the key to learn. We have many choices when we meet the difficult/struggle timing. Each decision we making is the time to learn.
Please do not let the negative emotion impact too long. Yes. we can have the negative emotion. The life is always ups and downs, but why let the negative emotion block our progression.

Jyotish think the map of all the karma of the life is reflected on the birth chart of vedic astrology.
That's right for this life. When we were born, we brought the missions of this life, but not all missions.  
There are three types of Karma (fixed, non-fixed (Adrigdha), mixed) from Jyotish.
Someone thinks the karma is fixed, we can not change. Someone thinks the karma is non-fixed and it is easy to change/ modify it. Someone thinks the karma we shall work to change.

We brought the mission(s) what we are going to learn this life when we were born.
Lot of people work for life and they do not have extra time to reach their inner spirit. But, they are still learning. They are learning from working and they are learning how to release their emotion.
Learning is not just reading the book or mediation. Learning can be from realistic world.
There is one manager position and ten persons can pursue this position.
If you were one of ten persons, what are you going to do after you know that position being assigned and that person is not you?
You are learning the spirit from competition and also learning how to release your emotion after competition.
How do you release your emotion if you miscarry?
How do you release your emotion if someone betrays you?

Some people learn one topic with the time of whole life and some people learn many topics with the time of whole life. Whatever mission for us to learn one topic or more than one topic. The important part is that we have to let the emotion release from what we learn.
The previous world we being was learning from suffering and the new world we being is learning from love.

Please let the emotion go and embrace the love, then the karma will be released. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July, 2013

Moon will be moved in Gemini on July 7th; Sun will be out on July 16th; Mercury  is in retrograde till July 20th. Jupiter will conjoin with Mars in Gemini on July 21th.

Saturn will go direct on July 7th and will conjoin with Rahu on September 25th.
Kal Sarpa yoga is still formed till September 25, 2013.

We are going to be busy this month.
We may feel fear, anxiety, frustration and keep the world finance during these months.
The secret or hidden information may be revealed.
We need to watch our communication/watch what we say, double check our schedule/travel plan, keep our mind clearly, calm down/no arguing and this is not the good time to start a new project during retrograde Mercury.