Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rashi Gemini

Gemini in Sanskrit is Mithuna. The symbol of Mithuna is the twins, the meeting of the Universal consciousness with the material reality. It is the third sign of the zodiac and it extends from 60 degree to 90 degree. It is a dual, masculine, and airy sign.

There is no exaltation or debilitation planet in Gemini sign. The meaning of Mithuna is a couple, not an individual, twins, and union. The salient features of Gemini are apparent from their windy nature, medium body. Gemini born has unsteady mind in any particular matter. They have a high spiritual thinking. They feel unfulfilled if they do not have a partner.

Friday, June 11, 2010

An astrology chart is like a pre-programmed schedule of the life

An astrology chart is like a pre-programmed schedule of the life, but the reverse is wrong. All schedules of the life are not all on an astrology chart.

Our life schedules can almost be read by our charts, but an astrologer can not tell us when you will die in an accident. An astrologer can just give you a warning of the period time.

We can know when we will have the chance(s) to earn money, have the chance(s) to marry, what kind of people we will marry with, what kind of job we love to work at (This is usually not what you earn money by), what our karma are, etc by our charts.
We cannot know when we will die in an accident. An astrologer only can tell us when we shall be careful, but it does not mean we will die at the time. We can know this person has many Dhana yogas (wealth yoga) confirmed on his chart, but we can not know how rich he will be.

Who pre-programs our schedules? You may already know it. The schedules are made/done by our souls. Our souls have set schedules for us to finish the missions of this life. When we meet the problem, we will be looking for the answer(s) of current predicament. After we tries many ways to solve the difficult positions and we still have these troubles on the hands, we will try to look for answers by the mystic way.

Please do not think we can finish the missions of this life by ourselves. Other souls help us to finish the missions and we also help others. Our relationships are like many spider webs. Each connects to each and also disturbs each.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The prediction of June 2010

The transit Mercury will move in two signs this month. It will move in Taurus on June 6th and in Gemini on June 22th, 2010. When Mercury in Aries is not good on their health for Virgo ascendant. After June 6th, they will get relief.   

Lunar Eclipse will be happened between June 25th and 26th.

The transit Mars moved out Cancer on May 25th and is in Leo. This is a good for Aries (many ideas come out), Cancer (get benefit in financial; health watch), Leo (given much impulse), Scorpio (spiritual growth) and Sagittarius (spiritual growth) and Pisces (get benefit in financial).

Transit Mercury will contact with transit Ketu between June 22th and July 6th. We may check our appointments doubly, watch our communication, be careful for riding public transport. It is special for Gemini and Virgo, they will feel angry. June 30th is good time to do meditation to keep our mind calm.

The natural calamities (earthquake, floods, storms, etc.) are watched on June, 2010.

Added on June 23th, 2010

Chaos at Conn. airport renews tarmac-time debate
Magnitude-5.0 earthquake reported in Canada

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Garaha Moon

The moon is important among planets because the moon is the only satellite of the earth and it is very close to the earth. Its sidereal period is 27.32 earth days.

The moon has no light of its own and its light is reflected by Sun's rays. Its full surface is visible on Full Moon and its surface is not visible on New Moon. It reflects ourselves and the emotional mind.It is like a mirror.

The moon rules Cancer. It is a female planet. Its element is water. The exaltation of moon is at 3 degree Taurus and its debilitation  is at 3 degree Scorpio.The day of week ruled by Moon is Monday, Somvaar.

The matters associated with the Moon are whiteness, delicious meals, milk, etc. The diseases associated with the moon are stroke, cough, laziness, etc. The gems associated with the Moon are pearl, white stones, etc.

The karaka of the Moon is mother because the Moon nurturing the earth and Mother earth nurturing creature on it are like mothers nurturing her babies. Its reflecting light is warm, caring, and comfortable. If the earth was not protected by the moon, we would have the half day in dark. The creature will have the time to rest because of the moon. Because it is closer to the earth than other planets, our mental health are affected by it. The mentality controls our emotion, desires, health, etc.