Friday, June 4, 2010

The prediction of June 2010

The transit Mercury will move in two signs this month. It will move in Taurus on June 6th and in Gemini on June 22th, 2010. When Mercury in Aries is not good on their health for Virgo ascendant. After June 6th, they will get relief.   

Lunar Eclipse will be happened between June 25th and 26th.

The transit Mars moved out Cancer on May 25th and is in Leo. This is a good for Aries (many ideas come out), Cancer (get benefit in financial; health watch), Leo (given much impulse), Scorpio (spiritual growth) and Sagittarius (spiritual growth) and Pisces (get benefit in financial).

Transit Mercury will contact with transit Ketu between June 22th and July 6th. We may check our appointments doubly, watch our communication, be careful for riding public transport. It is special for Gemini and Virgo, they will feel angry. June 30th is good time to do meditation to keep our mind calm.

The natural calamities (earthquake, floods, storms, etc.) are watched on June, 2010.

Added on June 23th, 2010

Chaos at Conn. airport renews tarmac-time debate
Magnitude-5.0 earthquake reported in Canada


慶天 said...
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joy frankline said...

thanks for providing the predictions of astrology to june 2010. i also believe in astrology but one thing i really appreciate about indian vedic astrology that if you do exact calculations in astrology you can tell the exact things about the future & astrological Intuitions.


Ralph said...

Thank you, joy frankline.

Detailed results are based on the position of Mercury and Ketu of individual/ each country.