Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Garaha Moon

The moon is important among planets because the moon is the only satellite of the earth and it is very close to the earth. Its sidereal period is 27.32 earth days.

The moon has no light of its own and its light is reflected by Sun's rays. Its full surface is visible on Full Moon and its surface is not visible on New Moon. It reflects ourselves and the emotional mind.It is like a mirror.

The moon rules Cancer. It is a female planet. Its element is water. The exaltation of moon is at 3 degree Taurus and its debilitation  is at 3 degree Scorpio.The day of week ruled by Moon is Monday, Somvaar.

The matters associated with the Moon are whiteness, delicious meals, milk, etc. The diseases associated with the moon are stroke, cough, laziness, etc. The gems associated with the Moon are pearl, white stones, etc.

The karaka of the Moon is mother because the Moon nurturing the earth and Mother earth nurturing creature on it are like mothers nurturing her babies. Its reflecting light is warm, caring, and comfortable. If the earth was not protected by the moon, we would have the half day in dark. The creature will have the time to rest because of the moon. Because it is closer to the earth than other planets, our mental health are affected by it. The mentality controls our emotion, desires, health, etc.

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