Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Modified on March 10th.

This article will be emphasized on Karma, not the relationship between Karma and Vedic astrology.
There are four articles about Karmic code and Vedic astrology on this blog. Please read those if you are interested.

There is no Karma in soul world. This word, Karma, is only existed in our living dimension. Karma is a passive word. It is like a debt.
Our souls travel whole universe. How big/large of the universe is? There is no answer for it. It is larger than we can image. The earth is just one of objects in this universe and it is where we are living on and we need to cherish.

Our souls set the goal(s) (Maybe you set one goal or more than one goal) before we come to this earth. The goal(s) is/are called Karma; Someone calls it a mission. Every person related to you in the world, your family, friends, enemies, etc., is helping you to reach your training goal(s)/missions.
The unfinished goal(s) will be brought to your next life, so that is one of reasons why some persons want to know their past lives. The astrology chart is formed when we hit to the ground. We can know what difficult parts at present life are by an astrology reading, a psychic reading, our own meditation, and so on.

Someone may wonder how our souls will know what goal(s) is/are unfinished. Don't worry. We are victims of our own actions.

We shall appreciate who has helped us and thanks them. We are also glad we can help/feed others.

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