Friday, September 24, 2010

Virgo ascendant - Case Study

One personality is not only affected by one's ascendant. Here is part characters of Virgo ascendant.
The birth information of Tiger Woods was taken from astro databank. (,_Tiger)

He has Virgo ascendant. The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin and they seek purity and perfection in all their efforts.
The native will be shy (someone thinks he is a fine man), self-conscious an always desiring change. One will be methodical, practical, capable of applying their knowledge and has an eye for detail tendency. Sometimes, one will get fussy, worry. One may take a long time to have a conclusion.
We can read his story from wikipedia. He was called a child prodigy. A pro golf player needs to calculate the speed of wind, the grass, soil, the Sun light, etc. He plays each shot carefully. 

The current transit Saturn is moving in Virgo. It will bring him little upset.

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