Thursday, October 28, 2010

Karma III

Who is the first person for us to learn from when we came into the world? The answer is our guardian(s).
We had chosen them before we were born. Our souls will choose our guardian(s) by our missions/karmas. Our guardian(s) also need to agree and our karmas to be finished/failed are depended on them.

We learn the behaviors, manners, thoughts, treatment, and inherit health and so on from our guardian(s). Those are tools for our karmas. We solve the karmas or create new karmas with these tools. The guardian(s) provide same tools for their/his/her child(ren). Some overcome their fears with these tools. Some create more fear with these tools. Some suffer in current situation and some find the way out. Each situation is a mission. We can overcome/enjoy/escape/indulge it. The different solution is the different learning for a soul. 

We selves also are karmas of our guardians.  Our guardians need to feed us, provide us a good/bad environment, give us many challenges, and so on. Our guardians need to take responsibilities when we have troubles. If they do not provide the condition, we can not learn it from overcoming it. If they do not give us hard time, we can not learn it to success.

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