Sunday, January 16, 2011

Garaha Saturn

Saturn is the greatest teacher in reality.

The body of Saturn is tall and thin with yellow eyes. Saturn rules Saturday and the guna is tamas (animal quality). The element of Saturn is air; astrologers think Saturn is one of natural malefic planets and it is the most difficult of the major planets. Saturn is the planet of strength. It is an essentially divine entity. It is the son of Surya and Chandra, so it is an enemy of Surya (We may think most of children won't follow/listen their parents.)

Saturn is the most inestimable tool of life because Saturn brings death, disease, calmness, poverty, destruction, and so on. We shall not suffer with it because suffering only brings the result of the lack of awareness. Saturn will give us the lessons in reality. It lets us know what we shall learn, what our feelings are in pain, what our darkness we shall face. We will learn/grow up after we pass its test.

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1204233361 said...

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