Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sanyasa Yoga

Sanyasa yoga is formed by four or more planets gathering together in one sign and the strongest planet controls this yoga.

April 12th, 2011 08:57; transit Jupiter controls it.


harsh said...

Nice share...!! I guess Sanyasa Yoga is ones Kundli is an auspicious yoga, i have read about the inauspicious yoga in one's kundli at http://astrobix.com/articles/Some-Inauspicious-Yogas-in-Kundli.aspx. Can you please explain the Auspicious Yoga in one's Kundli in detail...?

Ralph said...


I did not find Sanyasa Yoga Yoga on the web site you mentioned.

Sanyasa Yoga can be presented either auspicious or inauspicious side. Which planet controls this yoga and which house this yoga is formed on.

That is why Sanyasa Yoga is not mentioned either auspicious or inauspicious yoga here.

1204233361 said...

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Gabrielle Evelyn said...


I love Yoga but I am not exactly sure that what Sanyasa Yoga mean.

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Chetan said...

Here Yoga means Combination of Planets in Horoscope.

shruti jinjuvadia kb said...

hi i have jupiter,mercury,venus,moon in 11 th house together and i am Aries ascendant,
my birth date is 11/02/1986
11:39 am

sadhana said...

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