Monday, May 16, 2011

Calculation of Yoga of Panchang

The list of yoga of panchang has been posted.

Here is going to show how to calculate it.

The formula = quotient [(the longitude of the Sun from Aries + the longitude of the Moon from Aries) / 800 minutes] + 1.
minus 27 if more than 27.

The example:

The Sun is in 22 degree 30 minutes Gemini and the Moon is in 17 degree 56 minutes Capricorn. What yoga is it?

The longitude of the Sun is 4950 mintues (30*2*60+22*60+30). The longitude of the Moon is 17276 minutes (30*9*60+17*60+56).
The sum of the longitude of the Sun and the Moon is 22226 minutes.
22226/800 = 27.7825 (22226 divides 800).
The quotient is 27.
27+1-27 = 1.
The Yoga is Vishkambha.


LivingDead said...

Wow, this is pretty detailed. I got an overall picture of Panchang from this nice article:

Your article is very detailed. I will definitely come back to it once I learn basics.

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