Saturday, July 16, 2011

Self Satisfaction

Why we do not stop and look around ourselves when we put our focus/energy on our work/our life all days all weeks and all years.
Some people won't stop because they are afraid others will pass them.
The reason to stop is to give us the time to realize ourselves. We do not compare with others when we examine ourselves. Our mind/spirit will be grown when we have the time to think what we did before and what we are going to pursuit in the future.  

The following stories are telling us what the happiness is.

There is an angel who likes to help people.
Angel meets a farmer with worry. Angel asks a farmer why you are so worried. A farmer says my crop will be die of shortage of water. Angel gives the farm rain. A farmer is happy.
Angel meets a poet who has handsome face, good shape of body, talent to write great poems and a beautiful wife. A poet is unhappy. Angel asks a poet what you want. A poet say I want the happiness. This is a difficult request. Angel thinks a while and then take all things a poet has away. A poet does not have talent to write beautiful poems, does not have money, and does not have a beautiful wife. After half year, a poet sleeps on the bench in the park and is shaking because a poet does not have money to buy clothes and food. Angel gives back all things he had before. A poet is so happy, embraces his wife and thanks to angel he finds the happiness.

What do we think when someone says "bedroom"? The bed shall be in the bedroom at least. No. The bed is not a necessity in the bedroom. Some people sleep in cars, some people sleep on bench in park, some people sleep on ground.

What will fulfill our spirit/soul? That will be self satisfaction.

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