Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Garaha Mars

Mars in Sanskrit is known as Mangal/Kuja which means "auspicious, the fair one".

They, Kartika and Ganesh (his brother), have the chance to get married, but Ganesh used his mind to win over the brides chosen for the sons by their parents Shiva and Parvati. Kartika was left alone and never got married. He did meditate and lived a life of ascetic simplicity.
The natural of Mars is passionate, looking for the relationships, disappointed in love.

Mars is the lords of Aries and Scorpio (Vriscika). Its is a male planet and the element is Fire. Mars is exalted at 28 degree Capricorn and debilitated at 28 degree Cancer. The day of week ruled by Mars is Tuesday, Mangalvaar.

Mars is the physical planet and represents energy. power, vitality, blood, and muscle. We have energy, so we have the ability to pursue our desires.If Mars is not balanced, the desires will be the major source of suffering.

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