Sunday, September 25, 2011

Living in the moment

Most of us are not living in the moment.

Greed is one of elements of improvement of our world, but over-greed is not too good for us.
Over-greed will make us not self-satisfaction. We will always ask more and more.
What do you think the world in future when everyone ask more and more from the limited (re)source?

We need to thanks to everyone everything at this moment because we are alive.
At this moment, we can breathe, we can eat, we can speak, we can hear, we can enjoy beautiful things of the world, and so on.

This second we living can not be compared with the last second we living and the next second we living also can not be compared with this second we living.

Everything is changing every second and we are changing, too.
How can we can judge ourselves this second with last second?

If we were fish, we'd act like fishes and we'd not live in air.
If we were bird, we'd act like birds and we'd not live in water.
We do not need to worry too much and we take things as they come.

Be happy and enjoy to live and do our duties/responsibilities at the moment.

The photo is taken from Kim Harkins's photos.

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