Sunday, October 23, 2011

Calculation of Tithi of Panchang

The list of tithi of panchang has been posted.

Here is going to show how to calculate it.
The formula = quotient [difference between (the longitude of the Sun from Aries) and (the longitude of the Moon from Aries) / 720 minutes] + 1.
minus 15 if more than 15.

The example:

The Sun is in 12 degree 14 minutes Virgo and the Moon is in 14 degree 52 minutes Libra. What tithi is it?
The longitude of the Sun is 9734 minutes (162*60+14).
The longitude of the Moon is 11692 minutes (194*60+52).
The difference between Sun and Moon is 1958 minutes.
The quotient is 2 (1958/720).
The tithi is Triteeya (2+1).


padavala jagadeesh said...

where did you get those values 162 and 194

padavala jagadeesh said...

could you please explain in detail for calculate the tithi day from date of birth

Srikanth N said...

By default, every house has 30 degrees. At any given point of time, one has to consider from Aries(Mesha) as per the Kalapurusha chart. So from Aries to Virgo is 160 Degrees. Mesha 0-30, Vrishubha 30-60, Mithuna 60-90, Kataka 90-120, Simha -120-140, Kanya 140-160. Hope this helps.

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