Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December 2011

The total lunar eclipse will be happened on December 10th, 2011, the beginning is at 11:33:32 UT and the end is at 17:30 UT.
The eclipse will be visible in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, North American, Indian, etc.

Mercury will meet Rahu twice this month. Retrogression Mercury will meet Rahu on December 2nd and the direct Mercury will meet Rahu on December 26th.
Sun will meet Rahu on December 4th.
We need to watch our communication/watch what we say, double check our schedule/travel plan, keep our mind clearly, calm down/no arguing, etc.
We shall watch on December 2nd, 4th, 25th and 26th (25th, 26th-travel carefully).

Jupiter will go direct on December 25th. Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants may enjoy the life and leave plans this month.

People whose ascendant/lagna in Taurus need to be patient and not blame on others during transit Ketu in Taurus. Yoga and meditation will be helpful.