Friday, March 23, 2012

The predictions of year 2012

The Hindu Solar New Year is Nandana from April 13th, 2012 to April 13th, 2013.
The time of the prediction of year 2012 is between April, 2012 and March, 2013.

Saturn will be out of Libra on May 16th, 2012 and be back in Libra on August 4th, 2012.
Saturn in Libra brings us to know/have to work on some important things that the revolution of thoughts/social activity/freedom may be happened, people are looking for answers of  inner needs, people are in conflict, people break the law, the policy of the nations are tension, and the nations may change their directions. (more on *1)

Rahu will move in Libra on December, 2012 or January, 2013. The time is variety. It depends on which calculation of Rahu-Ketu is used. Rahu and Saturn will bring us difficulties to overcome. The more detail explanation will be described later.
About Rahu/Ketu in Vrischika /Vrishabha, please read it (*2).

The price of oil may keep going to hike/rise.

Most of the European countries will experience bad weather conditions.
The natural calamities (magma from volcano, earthquake, fire (natural/human made (explosions)), storm, flood, tsunami , tornado, etc.) and violence we shall keep eyes on.

One topic (*3) was mentioned last year. It is based on Chinese ancient theory (LoShu River Map and FengShui). We all are in the innovation now.

Australia - The nation is in the innovation. The nation will increase foreign travel, tourism, and trade. The government may meet labor's communication problems.

Brazil - The nation is in the innovation. The trade, financial condition/environment may be improved. The nation focus on international affairs, gains of the nation. The price of real estate, labor, transportation, and the health may be watched.

China - The nation has the challenge time from Oct., 2011. That was reminded on the post of last year (2011).
The nation is in the challenge time this year.
The nation/government may be in innovation. The government will focus on labor, international affairs, national gains, etc. The general conditions of environment/labor of the nation may be changing and the nation have to face many problems related to environment and labors. People of the nation may have the conflict and lose the patience.  The health of national people, national real estate, and the transport of the nation may be watched. The national business contract and national gains from other nations may reduce/change. 

European Union - It may have the hard time from July, 2012 to end of 2012.

Germany - The nation is still in innovation. The nation still follows the procedures from last year to take the longer perseverance to change the relations of labor, competitors, and the nation, other countries. The nation is dealing with bailout of E.U till end of third quarter of year 2012.The government works on national gains, international relationships, and labors. The communication (maybe conflict/angry) is important. The stock of nation may depend on those.The health of the president may be watched.

India - The nation with other countries is in conflict innovation. The structure/wage of labor of the nation is changing. The nation is working on national disease. The nation is ambitious and expands its power. The tension/conflict is among other countries (China, Pakistan, and adjacent countries). The nation will focus on communication, labors, international affairs/contract, gains (decrease), safe issue for transports. The government has to communicate with people well. The price of food or short of food may be watched.

Japan - The nation/government may have to be in innovation. The nation may want to expand its power/influence and may spend more money. The nation may change the relation with other countries/its corporate partners/contracts. The nation will focus on death, national gains from other nations, prices, interest rates, national financial condition, disease, food, labor/employee, financial solvency, and wealth. The labor or people of nation may lose their patience. The nation may want to change, but the nation may face its difficulties and the nation may find the way out.

North Korea - The nation increases military/nuclear weapon. The nation will be aggressive and have the challenging time (especially third and forth quarters of 2012; after Oct. 2012.).

South Korea - The companies of the nation are fought for (business) contracts with their competitors. The nation focuses on general stability, general happiness. The government works hard to expand its (international) influences/gains, but the nation may face its difficulties. The businesses/companies of the nation may be more in connection with companies of other countries and the national businesses may be not flexible enough to change/accept something new/structure.

Malaysia - The nation may focus on labor's problems, the communication with labor, the health of the nation, the harmony of the nation (racial/ethnic harmony), etc.

Russia - The nation and the relationship with other nations may be in the innovation. The nation still focuses on international affairs, international business, labor, and stock market. The nation may be in the innovation and the nation/government may be busy in gains, national expenditure, trade, business contracts and gross national products. The nation may expand area of its international influence. The power may be transferred back ( the government may be changed or the ex-president may be back to have the power).

South Africa - the nation may have changeling year.

Taiwan - The mind of people of nation may need to change. The health of people of the nation may be met unexpected changing. The competitors or government may make the stock ups and downs. The contract/business of nation is still loss or recession. The flood may be watched. The government may intervene/step in the stock market or cool people down on stock market.

United State -  The nation may be in the innovation and also in lost. The nation will put its focus on financial condition of the nation (national expenditure increasing), the politics, foreign affairs (difficult time), foreign trade, goals of the nation, hiring rate/unemployment rate (may open more positions), worker striking, national debt, involuntary public expenditures as taxes, The disease may be watched. The health/safety issue of  the president may be watched.

United Kingdom- The nation may be in the innovation, be actively with international partners and will look for business contracts. The transportation, the price of real estate may be watched.


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