Friday, June 8, 2012


Have you ever stood in the front of mirror? How do you think a person in the mirror is? You like yourself or you are so afraid you watch a person in the mirror.  Do you like your appearance? Do you like your voice? Do you know you are self abased? How do you think yourself ?

Someone said "People around us reflect what we did or our actions.".
What smart words they are. When I was young, I did not really understand the meaning.

When you are in blue mood, you think people around you are unhappy.
When you are angry, you think people around you anger at you.

Why do we not like some individuals?
How do we feel about ourselves in the presence of those persons?
Ask ourselves what emotions come up inside of us.
It will be so evident that those persons make us feel a certain way we do not like.
They just reflect ourselves/what we did/our actions.
They can not make us feel anything negative because they do not have such the power.
Who has such the power? Ourselves.
If you feel the negative emotion, it is because that emotion is already within us.

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