Monday, December 24, 2012


Why that is so difficult to forgive someone after our growing up?
Why we can not be like children to forgive who treats us bad?
Why we just remember the bad/negative side of a person and we do not see his positive/bright side?
Why we have to give our revenges back to who treats us bad?

Do not let any emotion stay in our inside bodies when something impacts us.
It is going to be a burden if we let emotion stay in ours.
Some will have ideas of revenge if they have the negative thought.
The only way to let emotion go is forgiveness.

When we can forgive someone, our hearts can be opened for the new world.

 Prayer for Those Who Suffer:

For those who suffer,
and those who cry this night,
give them repose, Lord;
a pause in their burdens.
Let there be minutes where they experience peace, not of man but of angels.
Love them, Lord,
when others cannot.
Hold them, Lord,
when we fall with human arms.
Hear their prayers and give them the ability to hear You back in whatever language they best understand.

- Margaret A. Davidson

The photo is taken from Pure Nourishment.

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