Monday, August 5, 2013

Saturn Fast 2013

The days to do fast are every Saturday, sunrise Saturday to sunrise Sunday, from August 10th to Nov. 23rd, 2013.

You may do Saturn fast if you are in the difficult time, or in Sade Sati.

There are two fast ways. One is half fast that we should not eat anything and drink water, juice, and fruit if needed during daylight. Eat a simple vegetarian meal without meat, fish, eggs, chicken, grains, and salt after Sunset. Avoid alcohol. Another is full fast. Only water, fruit, and juice can be taken. Avoid alcohol.
If you are unable to do fast, you just eat pure vegetarian and avoid alcohol.

Saturn mantra
Om Nilanajana Samabhasam, Ravi putram Yamagrajam
Chhaya Martanda Sambhutham, Tam Namami Shanischaram

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