Thursday, March 19, 2015

The predictions of year 2015

The Hindu Solar New Year is Manmatha.

Jupiter moved in Cancer on June 18th, 2014. (*1)
Rahu and Ketu stay in Virgo and Pisces from July 12th, 2014 to January 29th, 2016 by mean mode.
Rahu and Ketu stay in Kanya and Meena from July 13th, 2014 to January 8th, 2016 by true mode. (*2)
Saturn enters into Scorpio on November 2nd, 2014 and stays at there till January 26th, 2017. (*3)

We really have to be patient. We may meet some violent events. The global business looks the improvement this year, but we have to remember we still did not solve the root of economic regression of year 2008.
The natural calamities (flood, tsunami, hurricane, earthquake, seismic activity, storm, tornado, fire, etc.), natural/human made explosions, trending of war and the transportation (cruise, ships, truck, yacht, etc. ) we shall keep a watchful eye on.

China - The nation has the challenge transformation time since Oct., 2011 (*4). This year is one of the important transformation years. The communications/media of the nation, the law of the nation, the government, the contracts with other countries, the gains of the nation, the mind of people of nation are in change. The loans of the states may be in different time. The stock market may experience ups and downs. The military of the nation may be aggravated. People of the nation may distrust the nation.

India - The nation still has to focus on the unemployed rate, real estate, freedom of (media, mind, speech, etc.) and  and the health of people. The communication (media, press, etc.), the mind of people and the relationship with foreign countries will be in change.
The nation will be in another period (ten years) from third quarter of year 2015. The economy, education of the nation, the food supplies, the quality of the life, water will be improved in this coming ten years. The feminism may be raised during the period.

Japan - The financial condition of the nation, banks, gross, foreign trade, foreign affairs, diplomacy are still in transformation. The government works hard doubly/ambitiously on the issues of foreign affairs, the relationship of other countries, foreign trades, financial condition of the nation, unemployed rate, contract of business, health of people and deals with parliament with its philosophy. People may feel confused, unstable, and struggle.

North Korea - The nation may have challenge of food and economy.

South Korea - It is the national transformation or innovation year. On business, there are some destructive tendency from negative level, but they aim the highest objectives from positive level despite the obstacles faced. The people of the nation may have doubt with the government or multi-national companies. The people of the nation may feel stress and shall watch the health (mental and physical). The nation focus on foreign trade, politics, financial condition of the nation, etc. 

Russia - The economy is still in progressed, but the nation may still have financial problems and the stock market may face ups and downs. The nation may communicate with other countries carefully to avoid conflicting or may face its challenges. The nation will focus on territory, political diplomacy, democracy, etc.

Taiwan - The nation self, the international diplomacy, the relationship of foreign countries, national law, and national outlook are in innovation.The stock market is depend on foreign trade and the relationships of others.

United State - The nation is going enter into the long period of metamorphosis. The government, the banking system, the mind/behaviors of people of the nation and the relationships among other countries will be changed during the period. The nation will be in depression and the nation shall watch the drug, the new idea or technology will be developed during the period.
The business may be still improvement this year. The transportation may be watched. People shall watch news from the media objectively.

( "The challenge time of the nation on civil, environment, etc. will be from October, 2011" was written on that post.) 

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