Saturday, April 14, 2018

The brief predictions of year 2018.

 The statements below were written on March, 2018, but there was no time for me to finish it.
Year 2018 is a Vilambi (விளம்பி) year.

China - The telecommunication and the nation with adjacent countries will be in intense competition and conflict. The transportation and the politics shall be watched. The law will be changed quickly sometimes. The media is important role this year. The stock exchange and the mood of people of the nation will be ups and downs. The nation is getting to play the important role in the world next several years.

India - They will be changed if the nation’s aims, desires, purposes and projects do not meet what people expect. The issues of the territory or border the nation should watch. The nation will try to reach the goals about the territory and labor. The opposition party and the government will be conflict. The real estate will be watched. The nation is still in improvement.

Japan - The government of the nation fully feel stress or political confrontations; the relationship among other countries and the business contracts or foreign trade will be met the difficult or struggle. The transport shall be watched.

United State -The government of the nation meets the challenges. The politics and the laws of the nation and the diplomacy to other countries also do.

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