Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mr. Roger Federer received his 15th grand slam title

Mr. Pete Sampras and Mr. Roger Federer are two of my favorite tennis sporters.

This topic we discuss the time Mr. Roger Federer received his 15th grand slam title. Because of this title, he surpassed Mr. Pete Sampras, who was in the Royal box.

Roger's chart is brought me an attention on his Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus. This is a typical sport chart. Saturn aspects Mars each other on his rashi chart and they are conjunction on Navamsha chart. It brings his great endurance and strength.
Mercury is with his lagna lord and lagna lord is in his great friend with its well energy. Mercury is combust, but it is appeased by the Moon on Navamsha chart. Jupiter calms his lagna of Navamsha chart.

When he won two grand slam titles (French and Wimbledon Open) this year, his dasha is in Mercury-Mercury-Rahu.
On Mercury dashu, we will find the right details necessary to succeed and build our life.

The dasha of his 15th grand slam title is Mercury-Mercury-Rahu-Saturn-Jupiter.
On his final game of Wimbledon Open, we saw his energy and endurance.

The transit time is on July 5th, 2009.
There is one interesting thing on transit chart. Transiting Saturn and Jupiter aspect native's Moon, transiting Saturn and Jupiter also aspect transiting Venus and Mars, transiting Saturn and Jupiter aspect each other.

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