Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vedic Astrology v.s. Profession/Vocation

This topic we do not talk about how to judge the profession on natal chart.

Many clients will ask astrologers about their careers, professions, etc when they are in consulting.
If you are a astrologer, you will know the accurate rate of telling/guessing client's right profession is around 50%.
It does not mean this astrologer is not good. If a astrologer gets more than 50% accuracy on profession, he must have much real experience. Why?
We can think this way. Maybe you got a business degree, but you are a teacher to teach math at a school. Maybe you are a doctor, but you have the strong analytic ability.
On a birth chart, it tells you what kind/type of profession you may do. It does not mean you will do this kind of job. Lots of people work for money.

From natal birth, a astrologer only can tell you what talent you are/have, what kind of profession/vocation you may fit. Maybe you will work at other jobs for money.

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