Monday, March 21, 2011

Intonation of A Astrologer

Some readers found I like to use "may" on the prediction. They thought it is an un-confident word, but I think it is a confident word and that is also a chance/possibility tone.

On natal chart, the controller is the native.

On the natal chart, the beginning of each dasha (*) (dasha (Mahadasha), sub-dasha(Antar-dasha), sub-sub-dasha (Prayantara), or etc.) is a turning point/chance.
On natal chart/birth chart, it shows the path (good/bad), but it also gives you/the native chances/turning points to face your karmas and go to fix/overcome or live with them.
Sometimes, you face them, fix/overcome them, and the rate of the hurting/damage to you will be reduced although a karma is still a karma. The purpose of a karma is what you learn from it. Even some people did not feel the karma is pain. The event "may" be existed or "may" be not on those people.

On mundane chart, it is the same as natal chart. All planets on solar system give us a chance and hope we can learn it when we are on Mother Earth.

There are many turning points in our lives and it is important what attitude you are going to face them with.

*dasha:  a planetary period/ a period of time

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