Friday, March 25, 2011

The predictions of year 2011

The Hindu New Year (Khara) is from April 14th, 2011 to April 13th, 2012.

The natural calamities (magma from volcano, earthquake, fire (natural/human made (explosions)), violence, tsunami , twister, tornado, etc.) we shall keep eyes on. Many lives may be claimed.

That was mentioned there are lots of energy changing in 2011 and it's spiritual growing time during the period.

Mentioned on January, 2011 before Egypt had changed and revised on February, 2011.
"Some persons on top positions of major departments of government or major companies will be left next few years (2011, 2012, 2013)."
We have seen countries of Middle East are changing.

The brief of some countries of predictions of years 2011 are below.

Australia - The nation is in the innovation (the prosperity of the people, currency, commodity, civil, social and festive side of national life, etc.). The nation gains money/trade from foreign countries and increases foreign travel.

Brazil - The nation is in the innovation and also in progress. The nation is focused on the national service, business/contract, stock, prison-related problematic events, etc.

China - The nation is in the innovation. The nation still focus on accumulate national treasure from foreign trade and dealing with international countries. The communication with international affairs/countries, the national land with adjacent countries are also important. The structure and wage of national labor are changing and people may have conflict with management. The trading companies will have challenge time. The crime rate will be increased. The intensive power struggle and death of some leaders (some leaders may be left) may be happened. The inflation is happening till September. The flood and huge loss may be watched. The challenge time of the nation on civil, environment, etc. will be from October, 2011. 

European Union -  It is in the innovation. Some countries may have major financial problems.

France - The economy may not be good or be improving. The nation may be watched on floods and heat.

Germany - The nation takes the longer perseverance to change the structure of labor and nation, and to overcome obstacles. The birth rate, communication,morality, and stock are important parts. The nation is in progress. The nation may be watched on floods and heat.

India - The nation is in progress. The communication with nation and foreign countries (especially adjacent countries) is in the difficult way, the labor's things are also important, and the change of leadership may be watched. The nation will be more aggressive and be conflicted with adjacent countries. The stock market may raise between ups and downs. The food price is on rise and the disease shall be watched.

Indonesia - The nation may be watched on violent, floods (tsunami), inundations, cyclone, and foreign affairs.

Japan - The nation is in the innovation (politics, public/international relations, national goals, or national plan).  The poverty districts, crimes, people death, disease, living conditions/ property damage (by floods)/ property loss (*) will be also important. The disease may be warning after December, 2011. Some leaders of government may be left. Havoc of typhoon may be watched.

Malaysia - The nation is in the innovation. The nation is growing this dasha, but also the nation has the challenge time on land, real estate, food production, municipal service, communication, etc. The nation may watch transport, alliances with foreign countries, bank, labor ( unemployment rate), national budget, national revenue, national treasury, etc. Civil strife is still conflict and may be improving.

New Zealand - The nation is in the innovation and in progress.

Russia - The nation will focus on international affairs, international business, and national land related to international. The investment in foreign countries and the stock market are also important. The nation may be watched on accidents by human errors and terror actions.

North Korea - the nation increases military/nuclear weapon. 

South Korea - The nation is focused on relations with foreign countries, international diplomacy, foreign trade and affairs, blocking enemies shores/supply, national revenue, and national budget. There is a high tension with countries ( North Korea, etc.) and conflicts with competitors (overseas companies) in first, second, third quarters. 

Taiwan - The nation is focused on polity, press, contract/business (loss/recession), national treasury, transportation, foreign trade and affairs. The nation may be conflict on labor party, employment, national food supplies, polity, disease, etc. The flood/heavy rains may be watched. The nation may be strained relation with the main land.

United Kingdom - The nation will focus on municipal service, labor, national loan and employment. The nation may be watched on accidents, heat, and floods.

United State -  The nation is in the innovation. The business/economy is in improvement, but it is pain and slow. The nation/president is changing the direction. The health of  the president may be cared. The power of the president will be limited and the popular of the president will be watched. People of the nation work harder this year. Cyclonic weather and snowfall may be watched.

*: Quake was happened in Japan around 2:47pm on March 11th, 2011. - revised on March 30th.


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