Monday, July 5, 2010

Karma II

Do you think someone in our lives without a reason? The answer is NO. Someone in our lives is with a reason/reason(s) and we just don't know it.

We want to experience what human being is, what human being does, so we stay on the earth because the earth is the greatest training field.
Before we are born, we already have our own life plans/missions. The souls of our families, our friends, our enemies, even strangers who just give us their hands when we need them, are on our plans. These souls come to assist us to finish/pass our plans/missions/difficulties.They provide us with support, heal our emotion, give us guidance. Some of them also give us the hard time and want us to grow. Some of them just walk in, help us, and walk away. When our desires/needs are fulfilled, their work is done.

They are our helpers and we are also their helpers.

We may say this is our karma.

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