Thursday, July 8, 2010

The prediction of July 2010

The total solar eclipse, the new Moon and the Sun conjunct in Gemini, will be happened on July 11th, 2010 and the duration is around 5 minutes 20 seconds. The path of new Moon touches over much of the southern Pacific Ocean and several small islands, Mangaia and Easter Island. It ends in southern Chile and Argentina.
Jupiter aspects Mercury which forms Parivartana yoga with Moon. 
The Gemini (Mithuna) ascendant will have the changes and Virgo ascendant is also affected. We watch our health (allergies, skin and nervous system) in a year for personal.

Mars enters in Virgo on July 20th and contacts with Saturn till August 10th, 2010. We will see one interesting thing. All major planets, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter, form a square with Rahu and Ketu.

The natural calamities (earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, less rain, tsunami etc.) will be the most important parts in few years. It may take the lives of many people away.
The electrical equipments are watched. We shall check our appointment doubly and are careful for riding public transport.
We still need to keep our eyes on inflation (reminded on April).
These days, July 18th and July 20th to August 10th, are watched.

Most devout Hindu people will chant the ashtakshara mantra (Shri Krishna) or the astakshari mantra/ Vishnu Gayatri (Lord Vishnu) during solar eclipse.

The natural calamities (earthquake, floods, storms, etc.) are still watched on July, 2010.
July 7th:
The earthquake 5.4 was happened in Southern California when wrote the prediction of this month.
Added on July 11th, 2010.

Added more detail on this statement "Jupiter aspects Mercury which forms Parivartana yoga with Moon.".

Jupiter and Mercury both are in water signs, Jupiter aspects Mercury, and Mercury with Moon is in mutual exchange.
We will improve our emotions (feelings) / Our emotions (feelings) will make progress after the natural calamities are happened in few years. This is actually good for us because our hearts will be opened and we will care others more.
Added on July 13th, 2010

Polanski's freedom revives interest in case.
The ascendant of Mr. Roman Polanski is Virgo.
Added on July 15th, 2010
Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Virgo ascendants (frustration) and both Sun and Moon in Virgo (inner conflict) will need to keep calm from July 22th to August 10th. Meditation and Yoga will be good for those born.


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