Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Do you wake up from material world?

Economic recession and inflation are recurrent plagues. They are happened cyclically, but economic crisis was happened on year 2008. Why it was called economic crisis, not economic recession?

Don't you think our economic system is developed so faster than ever? Since the job title is related to "Software" or "program", the salary is higher than the salary of the conventional industries. Because of technology, the salary, the information, the real estate, the stock market is raised to the high peak/point. This era is called age/era of information explosion/boom. Many people pursuit the higher salary of  the job positions. There are lots of information or books to teach us to become the technology people and investment. We put our spiritual world away. We want more than what we can or we have currently.
Most of global money is held on few people. They want their money increasing second by second. Do you think it is possible? It will be happened only if the global governments will allow their central banks to implement quantitative easing (Q.E.). The inflation will be happened when Q.E. will be implemented. The value of our money will be decreased. Can you image what it will be happened we only put some concretes on the holes we found and we do not check the structure of the building when we find there are lots of holes or cracks on the building?

It is the time for us to think and embrace our spiritual world. All of us have the duty to slow down our steps, changing ourselves, love ourselves and love our earth. The Earth is shifting and the world is changing. We will regret tomorrow if we do not do it now.

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