Thursday, July 2, 2015

Guru Chandala Yoga

Jupiter, Guru, is the most benefic planet and it has the ability to aspire us towards high philosophy, religion and an ethical way of life. Jupiter changes its quality when Rahu-Ketu is with it. Guru Chandala yoga was considered very negative in ancient, but not for now.
At ancient time, we have to listen and follow guru's steps. People with this yoga may not do so. People will go for teaches who are not from their society, culture, religions, etc. when people are interested in other religions, culture nowadays.
On the negative side, we may meet corrupt gurus or gurus who are not on the correct path.

In the personal chart, we may also look at whether Jupiter or Rahu is benefic or not and the bhava the lord of Jupiter is placed in.

The following statements are just the reference. We have to look at lots of information on the personal chart.

1st House
The person will be doubtful. We may think the person to be self-centered, ungrateful, but he will be lucky regarding the money issues. When the yoga is strong, the person will have no spiritual value.
2nd House
The person may be wealthy if it is benefic. Mental stress, financial losses, worries are indicated if it is malefic.
3rd House
The person will be very courageous, born leader if it is benefic. The person will be curt in spoken language if it is malefic.
4th House
The person will be sharp witted and convince others easily. Person will have own house or property if aspected by benefic planets. There will be disturbances in family life if it is malefic.
5th House
The person will be learned, well-educated and lucky regarding progeny if it is benefic. There may be troubles in having children or troubles through children if it is malefic or afflicted.
6th House
The person may have issues with health and may reach success and wealth if it is benefic. The person will criticize his own religion or community if it is malefic.
7th House
There will be troubles in married life if it is malefic.
8th House
Accidents, injuries or destruction is indicated during periods if it is malefic. The person may have heritage if it is benefic.
9th House
The person may achieve success if it is benefic. The person's success may be questionable and may be bad impression related to his father if it is malefic.
10th House
The person may own many houses and commercial properties if it is benefic. The person may lack moral courage but there will be no obstruction in getting wealth and material prosperity if it is malefic.
11th House
There may be influx of money, though the money may come through wrong channels if it is malefic. The person may enjoy a luxurious life if it is benefic.
12th House
Spiritual aspirations of the person may be directed towards wrong channels and the persons has a peculiar way of thinking about various things, which may not be right or what they think is always wrong if it is malefic.

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