Friday, July 10, 2015

Jupiter enters in Leo

Jupiter will go in Leo and stays in Leo from July 13rd, 2015 to August 11st, 2016. Guru chandala yoga will be formed from January 29th, 2016 to August 11st, 2016 and Jupiter will meet Rahu in Leo exactly on June 24, 2016.

Leo is a cruel sign because it is fiery, demanding and egoistic in nature. Jupiter in Leo will be pushed its niceness to actions and give result oriented path.

Saturn is not aspected by Jupiter when Jupiter moves into Leo and it makes Saturn more intense. Saturn loses Jupiter's wise help, but Saturn controls Jupiterian abundance and expansive nature with its discipline and dharma. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius get most of benefit. The intense transformation of Aries ascendant may be helped a lot. The many opening opportunities Leo will have. Sagittarius will get the knowledge and wisdom to solve the problems. Scorpio ascendant or Moon Scorpio will get more stress.

China - The nation may expand its influences to the other countries. The mass transformations (transformation of economic pattern, political adjustment) may be promotes. The nation may meet uncertain transformation. Gains in trad or from other countries, national goals and plans, stock market may meet the challenge. The death rate may be increased.
India - The territory of the nation, the happiness of the nation's people, real estate, the environment will be in transformation. Economic inequality of the nation will be increased. The nation itself and its business contacts may have the challenge. The people of the nation work hard on their business.
U.S.A - The relationships with other countries, labor , the health of people will meet the challenge. The medicine may be developed. The nation will have spiritual transformation/ knowledge development. People of the nation may be careful to choose the guru when pursuing to learn the higher knowledge.

Guru mantra
Guru Brahmaa Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwarah Guru Saakshaata Parabrahma Tasmai Shree Guruvey Namaha

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ganesh bala said...

Jupiter Transit Special Ritual on July 14th 2015 at 5.30 AM - 7.30 AM IST

This transit happens once in a year; while he enters a moon sign and leaves a moon sign one another time. This year he leaves the Cancer moon sign on 14th of July and enters the moon sign Leo.
Jupiter Transit Homam