Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Argala is meant a bolt or lock or an intervention. None of the activities in the world is happened alone. There are many factors, each activity, in our life.

Argala is a Jyotish tool to analyse how the argala influence our activities. Argala is like the planetary interventions.

Argalas are, two types, called Subhargala and Paapargala.
Benefics planets (Subha Graha) cause Subhargala and Malefic Planets (Paapa Grahas) cause Paapargala.

Let's take an example. We look for a short journeys from the 3rd house. What are the necessary things during a journey? One needs a vehicle (4th). One may need someone to serve one by driving the vehicle. The service is seen from 6th. So, no wonder the 4th and 6th houses cause argala on the 3rd house. If one has papargala on 3rd from 4th, it may show trouble to the journey because of the vehicle. If one has papargala on 3rd from 6th, it may show trouble to the journey because of the driver.

So, we can classify these indications in the following houses:

Our Attitudes and Personlity, Job-Satisfaction, etc.

11th house:
Income from the Job, Friends Circle

Virodha means opposition. Here we may see the strength of opposition on existing argala. More planets or stronger planets in the virodh-argala causing house show one of the following situation.

1. If Virodha is stronger and the virodhargala planet is favourable, whereas the argala in unfavourable
2. Virodha is unfavourable whereas the argala is favourable to the karaka of the house under consideration

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