Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bhāva I

Bhāva means emotion, state of mind.
Bhaavanaa – Imagination.

In Western Astrology Bhāva are called houses.
The first house is the house which rises on the Eastern Horizon you will see a sole Rashi rising (Ascending).

The first house is the Rashi which is rising from the east.
The forth house is below the horizon and it is right below the feet. In Western Astrology, it is called Nadir.
The Seventh House is the Rashi which is setting down the west, going below the horizon.
The Tenth House is above the horizon and it is on the top of our head. In Western Astrology, it is called Zenith.

The first house represents the yourself, your characteristics, your nature etc. It is your Dharma.

The fourth house is the lowest point of yourself. It is Moksha or The Liberation.

The 7th house is the opposite of the 1st house representing your interactions with the outside world. It is Kama. (your desires)

The 10th house is the topmost house. It is Artha.

You can think these four houses on the right, left, bottom, and top of yourself.

This represents the person’s belief systems.
The person goes to a certain place for worship (ninth house).
The person holds some book or words as sacred (fifth house).

The person is trying to define to the world at large.

Every person has desires, which can be fulfilled as per the norms of the society. Personal/Business/Social interactions.

This is the end point of all human existence "Freedom".

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