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In Jyotish, the zodiac signs are called Rashi. Rashi is pronounced like RA-SHE.

The whole zodiac belt is divided into twelve equal parts and each part is 30 degrees.

The Rashi starts from Mesha (Aries) to Meena (Pisces) and also maps to our bodies.

Mesha - Head.
Vrishabha - Face.
Mithuna - Arms.
Kark - Heart
Simha - stomach.
Kanya - Hips.
Tula - space below the navel (sexual organs)
Vrischika - Hidden parts (Procreative and Anus)
Dhanus - Thighs.
Makara - Knees.
Kumbha - Shank and ankles.
Meena - feets.
Please see my previous post if you do not the sign names in Jyotish.

Descriptions of the signs and its lord

Mesha is symbolized and like a ram. It implies hills and places eith mineral wealth and precious stones. It is ruled by Mangala (Mars).

Vrishabha is symbolized and like the bull. It implies plateaus, plains, farms, cowshed, forests. It is ruled by Shukra (Venus).

Mithuna is symbolized and like a couple. The woman is carrying a stringed musical instrument and the man wields the mace or metal club. It imples the places where people meet for entertainment. It is ruled by Budha (Mercury).

Karka is symbolized and like a crab. It is the cradle of all civilizations and indicates sand banks where crabs live or stay. It is ruled by Chandra (Moon).

Simha is symbolized and like a lion. Mountain caves and dense jungles is the place of the lion. It is ruled by Surya (Sun).

Kanya is symbolized and like a woman standing in a boat with a lamp and corn. It is impled gardens, green fields ready for harvest. It is ruled by Budha.

Tula is symbolized and like a person carrying a balance. It is impled all markets, stock market and selling their valuable merchandise. It is ruled by Shukra.

Vrischika is symbolized and like a scorpion. Deep wells and such places where the water is very stationery and can become poisonous. It is ruled by Mangala and Ketu.

Dhanus is symbolized and like a man who is with a horse body below the torso and carrying a bow. It is ruled by Guru (Jupiter).

Makara is a kind of sea monster with the body of a crocodile and the head of a deer. It is implied rivers, cremation grounds, burial grounds. It is ruled by Shani (Saturn).

Kumbha is symbolised and like a man bringing a water pot. It is implied the kitchen or store rooms, warehouses and other storage places. It is ruled by Shani and Rahu.

Meena is consisted of two fishes in an inverted position with their tails conjoined to the head of the other indicating revival after a fall or the power of rejuvenation. It is implied the sea, large rivers, hospitals. It is ruled by Guru.

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