Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grahas II

The guna in Sanskrit has the basic meaning of "string". A guna is an attribute of five senses, five body parts (air, earth, ether, fire, and water), etc.

Gunas of Planets:

There are three types of gunas.

Satvik planets - Sun/Ravi, Moon/Chandra, Jupiter/Guru.

Rajasik planets - Venus/Shukra, Mercury/Budha.

Tamasik planets - Mars/Mangala, Saturn/Shani, Rahu, Ketu.

Sattva - It brings self-discipline, love towards neighbors, good qualities, calmness, duty bound, faithful, reserved, patient, forgiving, modesty, simplicity, impartiality.

Rajas - It brings fickleness, impulsive, demonstrative, partially truthful, lively, aware of immediate environment.

Tamas - It brings senses, hypocrisy, dependent, lack of self respect, inactivity, stupidity, dullness, unreasonable, lust, untruthful, lacking in self-confidence.

Planets in medical astrology :

Pitta = Mercury, Sun, Mars.
Fiery constitution.

Kapha = Mercury, Moon, Jupiter, Venus.
Watery constitution.

Vata =Mercury, Moon. Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu.
Windy constitution.

Ketu often is meant as pitta, not vata.

Five elements :

Moon - water.

Mars - fire.

Venus - water.

Saturn - air.

Mercury - earth.

Jupiter - ether.

Planets and People:

Sun - father.

Moon - mother.

Mars - siblings.

Venus - wife.

Saturn - common man.

Mercury - friends.

Jupiter - guru/teacher.

Rahu - maternal grandmother/paternal grandmother.

Ketu - paternal grandfather/ remaining grandparents.

Time periods:

Sun - An ayana.

Moon - A muhurtha.

Mars - A day.

Venus - A paksha.

Saturn - An year.

Mercury - A ritu.

Jupiter - A month.

Rahu - 8 months.

Ketu - 3 months.

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