Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Karmic code and Vedic Astrology I

Our souls can be defined as "karmic being". The soul carries the karmic tendencies called Samskaras from one body to another. Our karmas are the DNA of our souls.

The soul’s karmic code is based on the life patterns, the habits, tendencies, desire and so on. We may think the karmic code is the code of the mind and heart.

Why two children, even twin, in the same family share with the same genetic pattern, education and environment, but they have the different futures because they have the different karmic codes.

In the Hindu tradition, Time itself is God. Each time's moment contains its specific karma or destiny and everything happening at that precise moment shares the nature of the moment. Vedic Astrology focus on interpreting the possibilities contained in that moment of time. Because of Hinduism, Vedic astrology focus on the karmic code more than other astrology.

The purpose of astrology does not only emphasize on fate, but also helps us to escape from our fates.

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