Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The purpose of the life on the earth

We came to the earth to train ourselves and learn for our souls. We may meet some challenges and blocks in the front of us, but they are our trainings and are the purposes why we came to this world. We have chosen our ways before we came to this world. You have the rights to not to believe and this is your chosen to learn it.

An astrologer can not tell you your future without your permissions. Even you want to know yours, you have to pay to get the your own future information. This is given a earning chance for astrologers, but there is another important reason. An astrologer have to pay for what he said if you and your higher soul do not agree to know. How do you know your higher soul agree to know? When you and your higher souls get ready, you will find your answers by any way (included consultation, etc.).

Please try to help the person to finish his purpose on this life.

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