Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Karmic code and Vedic Astrology II

What is Rinanubandhana? Rina means the karmic debts and bandhana means bondage or attachment. Rinanubandhana means the roots of our repeated lives. Karma brings rina and rina also brings karma. That everything we do in this life will store in the memory as karmic debts. Thememory of karmic debts can be happy or sorrow, sweet or bitter and so on.

Some Rinanubandhana is reflected on the relationship. Some people with whom having the strong rinanybandhana become our parents , children, and enemies in this life. A couple who are husband and wife may come back again as husband and wife if their Rinanubandhana are very strong. The bitter enemies can be born as husband and wife and they will always fight. Two people who created positive karmic debts come back as husband and wife and live in the happy life.

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